Posted by: readsez | July 16, 2012

Your Local Library – The Future or The Past?


I have been going through this debate with myself about the value of Public Libraries in today’s connected world. I read a lot of books each year – in most years more that 100. This year so far 57 and it is just mid-July.  About sixty percent of those books I read on an eReader, mine is a Kindle.

I decided that there are a number of reasons that I want to support libraries. First, not everyone is as connected as I am. Second, though I read a lot, I don’t have a huge budget to buy eBooks’ online, so I’m always looking for free books, that I want to read. Third, my local library has been really proactive about being an up-to-date provider.

A growing percentage of my Kindle books are downloaded books that are lent to me by the Ocean Shores Public Library. Of that remaining 40% of the books I read, nearly 75% of them are hardback books from the library’s collection. Through the first half of this year over 1,000 books have been borrowed by downloading to eReaders by library patrons. I’ve also begun to listen to more audio books, from the library and I’ve even borrowed videos from their extensive collection. If all public libraries are like ours, they have made a real effort to stay relevant. This library should be supported and I intend to continue to do just that including voting YES on the upcoming local levy.

What about you? As a reader you get to make the decision where you spend your money and time. Is your local library as digitally connected as mine? Does it serve the needs of its community? If not, you might consider service on the Library board, or the Friends of the Library support group. Nearly every library has one. The electronic book readers have made a lot of things easier for me. So has my local library.

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