Posted by: readsez | July 12, 2012


I have been fascinated by the website for several years. Since I have become involved in using the Kindle readers (I currently own three of them) I use the website to manage my reading.

First, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I can actually tell what books are currently on any of my Kindle devices in the section “Manage You Kindle.” That got me to looking at other ways I can use the website to see what is happening in the world of reading.

I suppose everyone knows that you can find “free kindle books” by putting that phrase into the search bar. Did you know that you could do that by book genre? Yes you can. Try it.

If you have a budget for books, or you are looking for all the books in a series, the site can help you as well. Name your book price with a genre and you get all the books that cost that amount, or less, in a neatly organized list. I like the Lee Child series about the Jack Reacher character. Put the character into the search bar and then start refining what you want to see. Or you can put in the author.

I watch trends in what is selling. So searches like “most popular free books for kindle” is a really interesting list. I put together a bunch of different versions of that list by adding “science fiction” or “thriller” to the search parameter. You can also find the bestseller lists in a variety of forms.

In past articles I’ve offered a number of websites that offer “free” books from Amazon. Well, you can get on the website every day and find your own “free” books. I would like it if you would first stop at and click one of my links to go to, just in case you find one of those inexpensive books to buy while you are searching all those free lists. I get a small commission when you do. If you are a facebook user find me at, and “Like” me. Have fun searching for the best books to read. 


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