Posted by: readsez | May 17, 2012

The Five Best Free Kindle Book Sites

I read, a lot! I’m now reading about 60% of my books on the Kindle. I own three Kindles including the latest Kindle Fire. So far this year (May 16, 2012) I’ve read 44 books. Like many of you I live on a budget. So, I’m learning to download books from my local library. And I started looking for “free” contemporary books. Well, I found them.

The following five blogs all provide at least a daily email with free and reduced prices books for your Kindle eReader or Kindle app. I’ve listed them in the order I like them:

#1 – Kindle Nation Daily ( and you can sign up for their emails which they send at least daily and if you “like” them on facebook their newest links are always there. They are a great source for Kindle news and commentary.

#2 – Pixel of Ink ( and they have emails newsletters, facebook links and their website with a lot of genres available. I like their “help” page.

#3 – Ereader News Today ( also provides daily email, facebook links and their website. They have a great category list.

#4 – Kindle Fire Dept. ( also provides daily facebook updates as well as email. While some of the others provide links to apps – this one seems to provide more free apps.

#5 – Book Bub ( which really gets you to sign up for their email. They also have a facebook page. One book, one deal and a good one more often than not.

All of these sites will sell you books, Kindle devices and even accessories.

If you do have a budget for books I would ask you to visit and link to your favorite books or purchase a Kindle from that site. Prices are the same as if you visited directly. For free books, visit these top sites.


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