Posted by: readsez | May 1, 2012

A New Look! now has a new look. Let me know how you like it.

When I was “growing up” in business years ago, I had a boss that loved the idea of “fixing your bicycle while you are riding it.” The idea is to build and grow your business at the same time you are doing your best to move your business forward every day. We are in the process of rebuilding and remodeling while we continue to do business. At the website we are beginning to provide articles about how people use their eReaders; what they read; how they make decisions about what device to buy; and what features work best for them. If you have ideas about any of these things you would like to see in print, please email me at I am especially interested in your “favorite” features of the eReader you use.

The “Books” page of the website is dedicated to the books you all like to read. What are the best? What are the worst? What are your favorite books and why?

Please visit and remember to click on the links and shop while you are there! In the meantime, we’ll keep “fixing our bicycle as we ride it.”



  1. I just use my DroidX as my e-reader. Easy-peasy as it’s always with me. I’ll admit it’s not great in bright sun and have been thinking of getting the cheapest Kindle or Nook with the liquid-ink technology for those times I know I want to read in bright sun…something we don’t get too often around these parts, lol. So the DroidX works just fine for me about 90% of the time. I’ve downloaded the following apps: Kindle, Nook, Alkido and Google Books. Between them all, I’m finding plenty of free content, especially public domain classics, to keep me busy reading for years. Although I do occasionally buy something new to read.

  2. I agree about free content – Kindle Nation Daily, Book Bub and Pixel of Ink are three of my favorite sites/blogs that offer reduced price and free new books for writers published on Amazon. You can read them with your Kindle App.

    I really like the Kindle Fire, but when I go to the beach I use one of my older Kindle’s because there is less glare. I did find a screen cover for the Fire that seems to reduce a lot of the glare and am starting to use the fire more, but I have to crank up the brightness level. Take care.

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