Posted by: readsez | April 25, 2012

Big Doings in eBook!

Things are happening in the world of books! A lawsuit filed last week may eventually reduce the cost of what you pay for the Kindle version of your books. (And other eBooks) So far, I haven’t noticed any real change at but rumor has it that they may start reducing book costs before the lawsuit is settled. I doubt that but when and if it happens you will see it here.


J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series) has written a new book called The Casual Vacancy. It is available as a pre-order hardcover, Kindle download, large print hardcover, or audiobook CD. Go to and click on any of the links to go to and type in the name of the book in the search bar.


I always think people who buy Kindle devices know everything the device can do. In a group the other day, I was reminded that they don’t. There were four or five users out of a dozen people. (My first surprise of the day.) The three using the new Kindle Fire all had a complaint about reading in bed. I showed them how to “lock” the screen so it won’t flip as you move the device. Lots of happy faces after that! (All you do is tap the top of the screen, go all the way to the left and tap the word “Unlocked” which will change to “Locked” and the screen will stay in the locked mode. If you want to change it, tap “Locked” and turn the screen to the direction you want, and then tap “Unlocked” which will then make the screen locked in the mode you want!)


Finally, there are a number of new sites that offer a daily, or weekly, list of free or reduced price eBooks that you can use on your Kindle or Kindle app. is my favorite, because they send me a reminder email every day, have the occasional contest to win a Kindle Fire and offer books from a variety of genres. While you won’t necessarily find your favorite “Best Seller” here you will get to sample a variety of newer writers and Amazon best sellers. Have fun reading!


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