Posted by: readsez | February 7, 2012

Kindle Fire Rev…

Kindle Fire Review (I Like It!!) – As promised, I am reviewing the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas. My wife elicited a promise that I would not open it until Christmas. I almost made it except my daughter and her boyfriend both received Kindle products for gifts, a Touch and a Fire. And they arrived on Christmas Eve wanting help setting them up! Could I ignore their pleas? No, of course not!

It took only a few seconds to get the Kindle Fire up and registered. I took some time to fool around a bit, and quickly decided to “read the manual.” My first recommendation, read the manual.

The start button has gotten a lot of flack – it has a dual function in that it lets you know when you are charging as well. Yes I hit is once or twice inadvertently but not since day two. The position is the same as all the other Kindle products and I feel it is just fine.

Wi-Fi is an easy connection. I’ve been on two networks so far and no problems. I do hope the next version has Whispernet connectivity.

The color screen is super! I like the way the system plays movies and music. The little speakers are okay but you really need a headset to enjoy the sound to its fullest.

Reading is great with all the features we have come to expect. I like the way the screen reorients based on how you hold the device. Yes, I had to find the “lock” feature the first night I tried reading in bed! It kept flipping!

Apps are … well fun and useful. Remember to go through all the apps included with the device. I kept trying to find the pictures I had downloaded… Gallery is the app for that. Two apps I would like but haven’t found yet a tide chart (I live on the Pacific Coast) and Resolutions 2012. 

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