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Your Local Library – The Future or The Past?


I have been going through this debate with myself about the value of Public Libraries in today’s connected world. I read a lot of books each year – in most years more that 100. This year so far 57 and it is just mid-July.  About sixty percent of those books I read on an eReader, mine is a Kindle.

I decided that there are a number of reasons that I want to support libraries. First, not everyone is as connected as I am. Second, though I read a lot, I don’t have a huge budget to buy eBooks’ online, so I’m always looking for free books, that I want to read. Third, my local library has been really proactive about being an up-to-date provider.

A growing percentage of my Kindle books are downloaded books that are lent to me by the Ocean Shores Public Library. Of that remaining 40% of the books I read, nearly 75% of them are hardback books from the library’s collection. Through the first half of this year over 1,000 books have been borrowed by downloading to eReaders by library patrons. I’ve also begun to listen to more audio books, from the library and I’ve even borrowed videos from their extensive collection. If all public libraries are like ours, they have made a real effort to stay relevant. This library should be supported and I intend to continue to do just that including voting YES on the upcoming local levy.

What about you? As a reader you get to make the decision where you spend your money and time. Is your local library as digitally connected as mine? Does it serve the needs of its community? If not, you might consider service on the Library board, or the Friends of the Library support group. Nearly every library has one. The electronic book readers have made a lot of things easier for me. So has my local library.

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I have been fascinated by the website for several years. Since I have become involved in using the Kindle readers (I currently own three of them) I use the website to manage my reading.

First, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I can actually tell what books are currently on any of my Kindle devices in the section “Manage You Kindle.” That got me to looking at other ways I can use the website to see what is happening in the world of reading.

I suppose everyone knows that you can find “free kindle books” by putting that phrase into the search bar. Did you know that you could do that by book genre? Yes you can. Try it.

If you have a budget for books, or you are looking for all the books in a series, the site can help you as well. Name your book price with a genre and you get all the books that cost that amount, or less, in a neatly organized list. I like the Lee Child series about the Jack Reacher character. Put the character into the search bar and then start refining what you want to see. Or you can put in the author.

I watch trends in what is selling. So searches like “most popular free books for kindle” is a really interesting list. I put together a bunch of different versions of that list by adding “science fiction” or “thriller” to the search parameter. You can also find the bestseller lists in a variety of forms.

In past articles I’ve offered a number of websites that offer “free” books from Amazon. Well, you can get on the website every day and find your own “free” books. I would like it if you would first stop at and click one of my links to go to, just in case you find one of those inexpensive books to buy while you are searching all those free lists. I get a small commission when you do. If you are a facebook user find me at, and “Like” me. Have fun searching for the best books to read. 

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A Message of Hope and a Promise of Leadership


Dr. Doreen Cato is a friend, colleague and author. She has recently published a book about leadership and childhood trauma. Dr. Cato has been doing presentations at book stores and other places about the book. The three most often asked question she gets are:

Can a person overcome their traumatic past permanently?

What steps can a person take to learn more about controlling those episodes in their life that erupt without warning?

How do I know that my children’s school provides a protective environment?

Saving the Leader Within: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Leadership by Doreen Cato gives answers to all three questions. Go to and click on the Kindle Store link – yes, the book is available on Kindle, soft-cover or hardcover. I like it because the story offers hope where many of us see none, and supports that hope with both academic discipline and anecdotal history.

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The Five Best Free Kindle Book Sites

I read, a lot! I’m now reading about 60% of my books on the Kindle. I own three Kindles including the latest Kindle Fire. So far this year (May 16, 2012) I’ve read 44 books. Like many of you I live on a budget. So, I’m learning to download books from my local library. And I started looking for “free” contemporary books. Well, I found them.

The following five blogs all provide at least a daily email with free and reduced prices books for your Kindle eReader or Kindle app. I’ve listed them in the order I like them:

#1 – Kindle Nation Daily ( and you can sign up for their emails which they send at least daily and if you “like” them on facebook their newest links are always there. They are a great source for Kindle news and commentary.

#2 – Pixel of Ink ( and they have emails newsletters, facebook links and their website with a lot of genres available. I like their “help” page.

#3 – Ereader News Today ( also provides daily email, facebook links and their website. They have a great category list.

#4 – Kindle Fire Dept. ( also provides daily facebook updates as well as email. While some of the others provide links to apps – this one seems to provide more free apps.

#5 – Book Bub ( which really gets you to sign up for their email. They also have a facebook page. One book, one deal and a good one more often than not.

All of these sites will sell you books, Kindle devices and even accessories.

If you do have a budget for books I would ask you to visit and link to your favorite books or purchase a Kindle from that site. Prices are the same as if you visited directly. For free books, visit these top sites.

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A New Look! now has a new look. Let me know how you like it.

When I was “growing up” in business years ago, I had a boss that loved the idea of “fixing your bicycle while you are riding it.” The idea is to build and grow your business at the same time you are doing your best to move your business forward every day. We are in the process of rebuilding and remodeling while we continue to do business. At the website we are beginning to provide articles about how people use their eReaders; what they read; how they make decisions about what device to buy; and what features work best for them. If you have ideas about any of these things you would like to see in print, please email me at I am especially interested in your “favorite” features of the eReader you use.

The “Books” page of the website is dedicated to the books you all like to read. What are the best? What are the worst? What are your favorite books and why?

Please visit and remember to click on the links and shop while you are there! In the meantime, we’ll keep “fixing our bicycle as we ride it.”

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Big Doings in eBook!

Things are happening in the world of books! A lawsuit filed last week may eventually reduce the cost of what you pay for the Kindle version of your books. (And other eBooks) So far, I haven’t noticed any real change at but rumor has it that they may start reducing book costs before the lawsuit is settled. I doubt that but when and if it happens you will see it here.


J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series) has written a new book called The Casual Vacancy. It is available as a pre-order hardcover, Kindle download, large print hardcover, or audiobook CD. Go to and click on any of the links to go to and type in the name of the book in the search bar.


I always think people who buy Kindle devices know everything the device can do. In a group the other day, I was reminded that they don’t. There were four or five users out of a dozen people. (My first surprise of the day.) The three using the new Kindle Fire all had a complaint about reading in bed. I showed them how to “lock” the screen so it won’t flip as you move the device. Lots of happy faces after that! (All you do is tap the top of the screen, go all the way to the left and tap the word “Unlocked” which will change to “Locked” and the screen will stay in the locked mode. If you want to change it, tap “Locked” and turn the screen to the direction you want, and then tap “Unlocked” which will then make the screen locked in the mode you want!)


Finally, there are a number of new sites that offer a daily, or weekly, list of free or reduced price eBooks that you can use on your Kindle or Kindle app. is my favorite, because they send me a reminder email every day, have the occasional contest to win a Kindle Fire and offer books from a variety of genres. While you won’t necessarily find your favorite “Best Seller” here you will get to sample a variety of newer writers and Amazon best sellers. Have fun reading!

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Kindle Fire Rev…

Kindle Fire Review (I Like It!!) – As promised, I am reviewing the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas. My wife elicited a promise that I would not open it until Christmas. I almost made it except my daughter and her boyfriend both received Kindle products for gifts, a Touch and a Fire. And they arrived on Christmas Eve wanting help setting them up! Could I ignore their pleas? No, of course not!

It took only a few seconds to get the Kindle Fire up and registered. I took some time to fool around a bit, and quickly decided to “read the manual.” My first recommendation, read the manual.

The start button has gotten a lot of flack – it has a dual function in that it lets you know when you are charging as well. Yes I hit is once or twice inadvertently but not since day two. The position is the same as all the other Kindle products and I feel it is just fine.

Wi-Fi is an easy connection. I’ve been on two networks so far and no problems. I do hope the next version has Whispernet connectivity.

The color screen is super! I like the way the system plays movies and music. The little speakers are okay but you really need a headset to enjoy the sound to its fullest.

Reading is great with all the features we have come to expect. I like the way the screen reorients based on how you hold the device. Yes, I had to find the “lock” feature the first night I tried reading in bed! It kept flipping!

Apps are … well fun and useful. Remember to go through all the apps included with the device. I kept trying to find the pictures I had downloaded… Gallery is the app for that. Two apps I would like but haven’t found yet a tide chart (I live on the Pacific Coast) and Resolutions 2012. 

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